SEGUNDA VUELTA: Influencia de medios de comunicación
abril 2, 2017


Cognitical, with Watson, is the new cognitive solution for marketing and social media from Cloud Therapy Inc. It runs sentiment analysis and natural language understanding using data collected in real time from Twitter, Facebook, mass-media digital channels and blogs. It helps to understand the conversations going through social media and to have a clearer picture of what is said and thought about a brand, an influencer, a politician, a product or any theme that is public across digital media.

The first challenge for Cognitical were the Ecuadorian presidential elections. Our tool caught all the messages, mentions, post and tweets from all the candidates and interpret the most relevant themes, mentions, emotions and personality insights shared by each presidential candidate and people that interacted with them in real time. This results are showed in an easy to use dashboard. Feel free to discover what people thought and said about presidentials.

Cognitical will have a great impact in democratic processes because it is helping citizens and candidates to have a better and deeper understanding of the proposals of politics and the debates generated by relevant topics engaged with public opinion. We are helping society make better informed decisions, by the understanding and interpretation of collective thinking, conversations and opinions.

By now, the platform has reached more than 37k people through social media and blog posts with a 10% of engagement rate. Our next release includes a full customizable dashboard, integrating search and saving options.

“What gets measured and understood, gets managed”

Browse our blog for more study cases, have a look at IBM’s analysis about Cognitical and don’t hesitate to reach us for further information and details.

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